Tenant Management

RentMaxPro will streamline your tenancies every step of the way – from advertising your vacancies, to receiving applications, signing leases, moving people in and out, all the way to closing their lease and refunding their security deposit.

Advertising Vacancies

Whenever you have a vacant property you can turn on (or off) its visibility on your free website’s home page. Simply direct all your enquiries to your site and prospective tenants will be able to view all the details about your property and then contact you either by phone or form. To see what it looks like on the demo site, click here.

Receiving Applications

Prospective tenants can then download a PDF application form, or else use the interactive online form to apply for one of your properties.

Creating Leases

Ready to sign up a new tenant? We provide standard Residential Tenancy Agreements for each province free for you to use. Or, of course, you can upload your own lease so it is easily accessible to you whenever you need it. Once you have signed up a new Tenant, enter their lease details into RentMaxPro so that you can monitor their payments over time.

When you enter a lease you can specify all aspects of it, including additional payments such as pet fees, garage fees, security deposits etc.

At the same time the Tenant will automatically be given access to their own portal where they can view their lease agreement, download shared documents, see their financial account, and also make service requests.

Upload Documents

Keep all your documents relating to a property or a tenant in your own personal ‘cloud’ storage so that it can be accessed from anywhere whenever you need it. These documents can be kept private, or made accessible to your tenants. Examples would be a scan of their lease agreement, warranties on appliances and so on.

Create and Manage a Shared Utility Agreement.

You may want to set up a monthly utility plan to even out the amount a tenant pays for utilities over the year. This is very easy to do in RentMaxPro. You can also set it up so that two or more tenants each pay a fixed percentage of the total bills for the building. Just specify which utilities are to be shared, what percentage each tenant is to pay (eg Upstairs pays 60% and downstairs pays 40%) and then decide on a fixed payment amount per month for each tenants. At the end of 6 or 12 months just press a button to reconcile all the payments against the bills. Normally you would aim to set it up so that you then give them a small refund at that time.

Of course if you want to include some or all utilities in their rent, that can be specified too.

Monitor Rents Received

When a tenant pays you rent, just enter it into the portal. If they are late, an optional late fee can be automatically applied. On the Dashboard you can instantly see which tenants are up to date and which are behind on their rents. The Tenant can also log into their portal to view their account to see what, if anything, is owed.

Facilitate Maintenance Requests

Whether initiated by yourself, or the Tenant, RentMaxPro allows you to organize and track maintenance and other projects. These can be assigned to different members of staff in your organization. For example they can be forwarded directly to your handyman or electrician. Any expense incurred can also be linked to the project so you know exactly what each project is costing.

Close or Renew Leases

At the end of a tenancy you can renew, or close the lease. At this time all the utilities can be reconciled. Charges to the tenant for damages or loses can be applied, and then the appropriate deductions to their security deposit refund made.