Building Maintenance

Taking care of your rental properties is one of the defining features of a quality landlord. Well-kept properties are worth more, and attract better quality tenants who pay higher rents and stay longer.

Unfortunately, RentMaxPro can’t change a light bulb or repair a roof for you – but it can make life easier for you in several ways:

Keep Track of Each and Every Job

What jobs need doing? How urgent are they? Who is going to do them? What expenses are attached to each one? RentMaxPro makes all this easy.

It starts with a service request. This can be initiated by the tenant, through their own portal, or by you or any of your staff. Just identify which property needs the work, what needs doing, how urgent it is, and who is going to be asigned to do the task.

If you have a maintenance person, the service request will be sent directly to them. If it is you who gets to do the job, the portal will still keep it all organized for you.

Once the job is done, or partially done, the service request can be updated and closed.

Any expenses incurred, for example for materials or labour, can be entered and attached to the job. That means that when your accountant comes to do your taxes, she will know exactly how to categorize the expenses (e.g. as a repair, asset purchase, renovation etc) – saving you time and stress in trying to remember what expense was for what.

Not only that, if you have multiple buildings all these expenses will be correctly asigned to the appropriate building, so you can know exactly what each building is costing you. And that enables you to make better strategic decisions about your business.

Once again this all adds up to less stress and more profits for you. Using RentMaxPro to organize your rental business really is a ‘no-brainer’…

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