Free Website

Once you have signed up for your RentMaxPro account you will instantly be set up with your own ready-build website. You (and everyone else) will be able to access it at – naturally you can choose what you want to use as YOURNAME.

To be honest, the site is so full of time- and money-saving features that would take us much to long too describe, so we encourage you to take a test drive on the demo site where you can poke around and play with it as much as you like. In the meantime, here is just a brief summary of the sites features and benefits.

Fill your Vacancies

When vacancy rates are high you need to de everything you can to attract quality tenants. And that starts with professionally showcasing your vacancies – and your company – on a professionally designed website. Put up as much information, and as many photos as you like so that all your visitors can see what is on offer.

That will attract the right prospective tenants, and eliminate the time wasters. Remember, tenants are looking not just for the right property – but also the right tenants – so being able to cast your company in the right light can be crucial to filling those empty places.

A Portal for Your Tenants

Every one of your tenants will have access to their own portal. In there they can check their payment history and current account balance, request a maintenance service call and download a copy of their lease and any other documents.

Of course they can still contact you by any other method – text, email, social media etc – but the more communication you provide for them, the happier they will be. And a happy tenant is a profitable one.

A Dashboard for You – and Your Staff.

Whether you are a sole operator, a husband and wife team, or a company with multiple staff, the Trusted Home Rentals portal keeps everything in one place – and, being online, you and all your staff can access it from anywhere in the world. Again, there are so many features you really need to check out the live demo – or get started for free with your own RentMaxPro account.